What Could Go Wrong?

In the era of DIY, there are some things that should be done by a pro, at least if you want consistent, high-quality results.

There are some things I used to do myself, like working on my own car, but even simple things like changing the oil or replacing a headlight are more complex now. Having to remove engines covers, undercarriage panels and more, make it worth one's while to take your car to a pro. I'm sure you've seen shows like, Disaster DIY, where something that seemed simple isn't once you find out how much effort and skill it takes to do it right. And doing it right is the key.


Enter your photos and portraits. Everyone, at some point, has done this — you need to get new photos, so you grab your camera, gather everyone around, and snap a few pic's, but oops, you're not in it, so you find something to sit your camera on, put it in timer mode after a few minutes of figuring that out...okay, ready, "smile". Great, you're done. At least the photos are in your camera. Now what? You download your photos to your computer and discover that your daughter has her eyes closed, your spouse doesn't like his/her smile and the photo is doesn't look right...and list goes on.

That's where we come in! Treat yourself to a special occasion where all you have to do is show up with just you, or your spouse, family and/or friends, and enjoy the experience of getting gorgeous, new photographs. We'll explain the process and what to expect, and provide you with fabulous photos you'll want to share.

Happiness for everyone!