What makes you, you? "That's not really what I'm like" or "that looks nice, but..." The goal is not only getting photographs but getting great photographs of you. The real you!


You are an individual, with many skills, talents, contributions, preferences and a personality that is like no one else. You are unique and everything you do shows exactly who you are.

Like an onion, we're made of many layers that have to be peeled back to get down to who we really are. I love talking to people and learning about who they are, what they like and where they've been. It makes me a better photographer and more importantly, it provides you with the best photos possible.

The experience of getting photographed can be a little uncomfortable. Like many things you do, you don't want to walk into it blindly. We consult with you first (on the phone or in person) to go over all the details, learn more about you, find out exactly what you want to get out of the shoot and the kind of photos you want. We want you to be excited about the great new photos you'll be receiving and we'll create them...just for you.