Show & Tell

The name of our Blog is, "Show & Tell". There's a reason for this as with everything we do. People like to tell stories—some do it with words, while others do it with visual media. We're fans of both kinds!

We have clients who have sent us photos they like and want to emulate in their shoot, while others describe for me what they want, and still others who leave it up to us and let the session follow its own course. A little serendipity can be the secret sauce!

The great thing about our work is the people we meet and work with...all different and diverse, which makes our sessions that much better. We want your personality to stand out and your photos to reflect you. The way your photographed and how we process your photos helps in that connection.

All of our sessions are customized to fit your needs as no two are alike. There may be some similarities, but we work with you to determine the look you're after and the best way to capture that.

I've posted a photo from a recent shoot that has been processed in three different ways. There's nothing right or wrong about any of them, but one may better reflect the personality of the individuals and mood of the shoot better than another. You may want to match your photos to a room in your house, compliment other photos, or do something completely different. We also have great options for printing and mounting that reflect your style and decor.

Whatever your needs, we can design a shoot just for you.