Customized Photography

In world where everything comes in small, medium or large, is there still a need for custom fit? We say yes! Whether it's jeans, shoes, a bike or even a new car, we want something that says, "me". We're surrounded by a mass-produced culture and all the products that go with it, but craftsmanship is still alive and well…especially at Chasing Light Studios.

Sometimes "custom" comes with a custom price-tag or a hard-to-produce, slow-to-ship product or service. At Chasing Light Studios, each client and shoot is an original and we consult with you to design a session that works for your needs. Our sessions are purposeful and enjoyable…as a client was leaving from a her shoot, she mentioned, “that was a lot of fun!”. We have a flat fee for most portrait shoots and clear and simple pricing for photographic products.

Finally, shooting outdoors is currently a popular option and we are experts at on-location shoots, but a studio shoot can be just as good and we get creative here. We have access to multiple backgrounds and setups all during one shoot that offer a variety of styles. We give you many options during and following the shoot including how you want your photos processed.

Let us know what we can create for you.