Studio vs. On Location

As a photographer, I'm often asked which is better — photos in the studio or at a preferred client location?

There isn't a right or wrong choice and it ultimately comes down to your preference in location and setting.

Our Kirkland studio is centrally located, easy to get to and supports all types of portraits. Sometimes a studio shoot isn't ideal or even reunions, property-centric photos, client needs and other variables make shooting at the your favorite location a better choice. We support either and we'll happily bring our studio to you.

There are a few things to consider when deciding: 

  • Weather—In the Seattle area, it rains a wee bit, even after July 5th, and may put a damper on your best intentions to shoot outdoors. We do have a portable shelter that can cover multiple models and keep everyone dry if the weather forecast turns completely soggy on your big day.
  •  Environment—There can be many obstacles for photographs at your favorite location. There might be others who share your fondness for a place which turns out to have large crowds or other impediments that require consideration. The time of day can also affect how things turn out - transportation, traffic, temperature and other factors that can play a role in getting the perfect shots.
  •  Control—One advantage to shooting in a studio is that it never rains inside, we provide our own "sunlight" and it's always the perfect temperature!

There are other factors that are both in and out of our control, but our number one goal is making sure you come away with photos you love. We are flexible and can also reschedule your photos on a day that works out better for everyone.

Stop by or contact us for a free consultation to go over how we can create something special for you.