Taking Great Photographs


A friend asked me the other day, "How do I take great photographs?" She wasn't speaking of taking the photos herself, but being on the receiving end of great photos. She had worked with other photographers with mixed results and had asked all of them the same question and didn't receive a good answer, and in some cases, an "I don't know". Wow!

Part of getting great photos is the experience. You will get great photos from us, but you won't be thinking about that as we go through your session. In fact, you may at some point get so immersed in our shoot that you may forget about it altogether.

We also provide helpful direction in our shoots. I mentioned some of the things to my friend that are helpful, even crucial, to getting great shots (connection, expressions, angles, lighting, environment, etc.). Since we are all individuals in our looks, personality and build, we tailor our direction to each individual which provides the best photos of YOU. Most clients aren't trained models, but you may feel and look like one by the time were finished. We have fun, share a few stories and leave with you some great memories...and photographs.

Stop by and visit our studio to find out more or give us a call. There's a never a consulting fee and we'd love to chat about what we can create for you.