You Oughta be in Pictures

Remember all those trips you took and someone was always missing from the photos? It's time for you to be get back in the picture and enjoy your family and friends. School's out, vacations are in full force and we have a way for you to truly enjoy your next vacation, retreat or special occasion, whether this year or beyond.

A little background. As a professional photographer, I take a lot of goes without saying right? When I get a break and take a vacation, I usually leave all the equipment behind, grab my little point and shoot, and even with that, take it out only for a few "we were here" type of shots. I want to enjoy and actually experience my vacation and not photograph it and experience it later. Does this sound familiar? Do you spend half your time taking pics which end up blurry or never leave your cell phone? Is the family tired of mom/dad taking their photo for the 100th time? "Selfies" anyone? If you're the type who likes to photograph every moment of your vacation then read no further.

If you'd like to leave all the gadgets behind but still have those moments to remember, then this may be just the ticket for you.

Imagine taking a wonderful vacation or going on a retreat with your family, loved ones or friends, and enjoying each moment, camera/gadget-free. A few days later after arriving home, you're sent a link to all your photos of all those great memories you just had. But wait, who took those photos? That's where we come in!

What we're offering:

  • We meet you on your vacation, retreat or other special occasion and tag along with you to capture all your best memories.
  • You get to enjoy your vacation and have professional photos of it without the hassle. You cover the travel expenses plus a fee for the service and I provide all your memories.
  • Every outing is different and we will work with you to find the right balance, but generally, our shoot fee will be around $800-2,500 for the entire trip. All the photos (low/high resolution) we take are included in the package.

This isn't for everyone, but having professional photos of a family retreat, reunion or other outing without missing any of the action may be the perfect way to go. Contact us today to discuss your next camera-free vacation or retreat and find out what you've been missing.