How it Happens

January, 2015, has come and is almost gone and so much has already happened in this short time. Minutes turn to hours, hours to days and before you know it, another month will have flown by.

What are your plans this year? Did you make a few New Years resolutions? Are they still intact? It's good to have goals and to watch some of those goals come to fruition. Many things will happen, and we set off to make them happen, but most times, they happen in ways that we couldn't have predicted. Life is that way, and it would be rather boring if it was so predictable.

As I was thinking about this last year and what I wanted to change or improve, I thought about the people—friends, family, co-workers—everyone who may be part of that change or affected by it. So it's no wonder that in order to get from A to B, the path may be as straight as Lombard Street.

I hope for you this year that you may do that thing you've always wanted to do, start that thing you've always wanted to start or be that person you've always wanted to be. How you get there and the experiences you have will be the best part of the journey.