Chasing Light Studios

Most endeavors are the result of a thousand steps and much preparation - both intentional and accidental. When I started my career as a Designer fourteen year ago, I didn't realize I'd also be laying the foundation for my next creative adventure.

This adventure has a name and is the title of this post. Since about 2002, while working as a Designer,  I've been able to leverage my photography skills to enhance the campaigns, products and collateral I've worked on.

My first real dive in photography was in high school and shooting with a Minolta X-700. In the film days, it was imperative you knew how to operate your camera as film was expensive and developing it cost even more. Learning the fundamentals of the tools was the first step in the process.

Fast-forward many years and everything is now digital with seemingly every device having some kind of photo capability. Digital camera ownership, whether it a p&s, cell phone or some kind of dSLR, is ubiquitous. Everything is instant, but there's still no guarantee of getting high-quality photos. I felt there was a need for someone who values individuals and families and capturing relationships in their various forms. You all have your own lives and activities and I'd recommend you take time occasionally to capture those moments and relationships.

That's why we are here. You're busy and life goes by fast. Take a moment to contact us at Chasing Light Studios to capture you. Whether it's your own portrait, with siblings, family and friends, or in your favorite activity, we've got you captured.