Family Time

Like most people, you're busy and have a laundry list of things to do each day including some actual laundry. Time spent with your family can take a back seat to all the other fire-drills that life provides. There are so many options competing for your time including all the activities that school (band, sports, etc.), work and other extra-curricular events supply.

As a photographer, I get a tiny peek into the lives of the people I photograph. The families we photograph are unique and diverse and one common thread that is often said after each session is, in effect, "thanks for getting our family together". I'm happy to be the source for some family time and love to see how everyone gets into it once the shooting begins. Think of it as a time to spend together and connect and not something to check off your list. It's also a small investment where you get to take away lasting memories.

Whether you book with us or not, enjoy some family time in your own unique way — whether it's a vacation, sports, building something or whatever you like to do together — now is the time to do it.